Education and Science

PCA's program emphasis is moving toward field oriented, experiential learning that couples activities and education. We want to develop and foster events that teach people about the area and improve the coast, preserve native species, gather data on sightings and results, and amass information in our databases that is useful to casual observers as well as scientists.

Lecture and Field Trip Series

Saturday talks and guided nature field trips by local and regional naturalists. Bring the kids. The lecture series will restart December 20, 2014, with a special feature on Tide Pools. Dates will appear on the Events page.

Iron Oxidizing Bacteria

An article by Larry Miller, U.S. Geological Survey. Gazos Creek, which flows through the grounds of our Field Research Station, is host to a colony of bacteria that get their energy not from photosynthesis but from chemosynthesis using the iron dissolved in water.

Flora and Fauna Database

Students and visitors to the PCA Field Research Station and nearby San Mateo coast have participated in guided walks on which they collected and identified a wide variety of fungi, wildflowers, trees, and tide pool creatures. Their research has been cataloged into a growing database of local flora and fauna.