About the Alliance

Mission Statement

The Pescadero Conservation Alliance is devoted to restoring the ecological health of the San Mateo coast. Our Field Research Station at Gazos Creek fosters hands-on restoration, research and education in the practice of environmental stewardship.

PCA's Unique Role

PCA has chosen a unique niche among conservation groups on the San Francisco Peninsula. Incorporated in 1999, we are the only nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is the practical restoration and stewardship of the natural environment of the San Mateo coast, and we are the only organization integrating science, outdoor education and community building with hands-on restoration work in all habitat types.

Strategic Direction

Creating an environmental center that integrates education with practical experience. Starting in 2014, we will be developing new educational programs to provide young people and adults with opportunities to develop skills and explore ideas that will enable them to participate effectively in the sustainable management of the community's natural environment. We hope to use our Field Research Station, to integrate educational activities with real life projects in environmental research, land stewardship, and community cooperation.

Developing expertise in land restoration and stewardship through practical restoration actions combined with sound scientific and practical evaluation. We draw on existing knowledge about land management and conservation in the region. Scientists, farmers, foresters, contractors, residents, state and county park personnel and others live and work in daily contact with our local environment. With their input and cooperation, we develop practical projects to restore the land, streams and natural habitat of the area. Projects are designed to foster learning and improvement in land stewardship and restoration practices.

Involving the community in the restoration and stewardship of local ecosystems. We rely on community volunteers in the restoration and stewardship of the western watersheds of the Santa Cruz Mountains through cooperative projects, seminars and other educational events. We work closely with public and private agencies supporting land conservation.